'Publieke Denkbeelden / Public Thought-Images'
Tafelzetting #3, De Singel, VAI

Exhibition / Essay / series of Thought-Images
Photography by: Illias Teirlinck
Organisation, Production: Vlaams Architectuur Instituut
Thanks to: Collectie Vlaams Architectuurinstituut

The intriguing rooftop landscape of De Singel in Antwerp is used as a starting point for a series of 'Thought-Images' about architecture and the use of public space. The public route that Léon Stynen and Paul De Meyer designed half a century ago form the trigger and inspiration source for these images, though they visualize spatial and architectural situations that travel beyond this location. They are used as a tool to question the relation between the public and private body and used as an exercise to imagine spaces that facilitate or suggest a diverse and open use of public space.

'Tafelzetting' is an exhibition series for young architects, active within the field of Flanders and Brussels, invited to reinterpret a series of benches and props, designed by Laura Muyldermans, on the front square of De Singel in Antwerp.

© Dieter Daniëls

This exhibition was on display at the VAI in Antwerp
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