'Double Bubble' (2014) various materials,

The kitchen of the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, Lithuania, is an informal gathering space behind the scenes of the museum. Several artists were asked to propose additions or changes to the space to make it even more suitable for regular dinners, events and gathering.
In collaboration with David Bernstein 'Double Bubble' was made. It is a lamp with two light sources pierced through the 500 mm thick wall which divides the corridor from the kitchen. As the kitchen is a multifunctional space, the lamp can be pushed towards the corridor or pulled more into the space of the kitchen(table). In addition to the lamp a curve was added to one of the ceiling corners. Other additions to the kitchen: Glasses by Antanas Gerlicas, Cocktail Bar by Victoria Ribakova, Wallpaint by Laura Kaminskaite

Special thanks to CAC Vilnius and curators Aurime Aleksandreviciute, Jonas Zakaitis

'Double Bubble', kitchen side, in preparation for a dinner, Januari 2015

'Double Bubble', close-up, Januari 2015

'Double Bubble', winter dinner with friends, Januari 2015