'Fence' (2013) treated pinewood

'Fence' is a fence in the middle of several gardens that are owned by three entrepreneurs and a foundation. The building of the fence was initiated as a reaction on the initial spatial organization of these gardens. One could find tiles, plastic chairs, wood and garbage, which were functioning as borders between the different properties. As a result of this arrangement these gardens where not used any other than storage space and seen as a literal backside of the shops. The aim was to build a different fence with different borders, to give a new focus towards the garden spaces, and propose to change the way these spaces where used.

Since this project was not a commission, but instead self initiated, the neighbors had to put into question what this space actually meant for them and how they wished to relate towards each other; something they had never considered before. They had to confirm themselves into a small political game in which statements had to be made (even if they decided not to participate). The relations and agreements between them are now imprinted within the work, which resulted in an ‘unequal’ object instead of the ‘equal’ objective fence that was there before. It puts into question if the straight borders that we often create both mentally and physically are as obvious as they seem. The properties that are set out (for us) do not have to correspond to their actual borders; they can easily change, withdraw, expand and interfere.

This work is made possible with the support of Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art, Het Open Huis, Eclipz Studio, Stadsdeel Amsterdam West, Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam

'Fence' detail, a crossover of borders

'Fence' view from Jeanine Hofland Contemporary art, image by Display Hooray, October 2013

'Fence' view from HOH, image by Display Hooray, October 2013