'Fence' (2013) treated pinewood

‘Fence’ is a permanent work located in the backyard of the gallery Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art in Amsterdam, linked to the garden of two entrepreneurs and a foundation. The building of the fence is initiated as a reaction on the initial spatial organisation of these gardens. A closed straight fence divided the properties before. The aim was to build a different fence with different borders to put into question what this space meant for the owners and how they wished to relate to each other. The new curving borders visualize a spatial and formal agreement with the different parties involved. The official property borders will change along if this fence still exists in 2033.

This work is made for the exhibition ‘Double Doors’ part of ‘Festival of Choices’ at Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art, supported by Jeanine Hofland, Het Open Huis, Eclipz Studio, Stadsdeel Amsterdam West, Sandberg Institute Amsterdam.

'Fence' overview, October 2013

'Fence' view from Jeanine Hofland Contemporary art, image by Display Hooray, October 2013

'Fence' view from HOH, image by Display Hooray, October 2013

'Fence' detail, a crossover of borders