‘Frames in wall’ (2012) oak wood, radiplex, glass, mdf

Five square picture-frames are horizontally pushed into a wall in a small two-person apartment. The wall separates two domestic spaces, a living room and a bedroom. Together the five frames enclose a gap in the wall. Though once the frames are taken out of the wall they create the possibility to look from one space into the other.

‘Frames in wall’ is both ‘working’ as frames and wall, though as well it (dis)connects two spaces and two people. The work was invented on the moment when a wall had to be built; one part of the living room had to be 'sacrificed' into an extra bedroom. A wall in itself is already functional; though most of the time it satisfies only one desire: the separation of spaces. This wall together with the frames was built to satisfy multiple desires: creating privacy, separating spaces, connecting them again, creating a projection space for the mind, a formal play, enlarging the spaces (optically), to linger the eyes and to see what cannot be seen. The frames and the wall are together a logical and illogical thing that intrudes the repetition of daily life.

‘Frames in wall’ A side

two 'Frames in wall' A side

‘Frames in wall’ inside detail

‘Frames in wall’ A side as formal play

‘Frames in wall’ B side