Resultant Spaces of Vilnius (2018) Urban Design Proposal, Architecture Master Dissertation

As a counter project to the neoliberal privatisation of Vilnius, architectural interventions are adapted to the existing context of the city. The interventions proposed exist of a multi-use community space, a neighborhood kitchen / reading room, and smaller object interventions.

Following a resultant line that cuts through the urban grid, the elements are placed along a designed path that spatially links together different properties and socially brings together different institutions and groups in the area. Local groups, such as the Technical University (VTU), a kindergarden, dance school and surrounding residents are involved in programming, using and sharing these new (or restored) communal spaces.

International Master of Architecture - Urban Projects, Urban Cultures - KU Leuven, Brussels. 2017 - 2018. Master Dissertation Studio: Collective Urban Spaces for Super Diversity by Prof. Dr. Burak Pak

This project was nominated for the Dutch Design Week Antenna / Design Indaba 2018, and for the ‘Prijs Jef Van Ranst’ at the KU Leuven Master of Architecture, campus Sint-Lucas, Brussels