‘Wooden Construction’ (2011) radiplex 18 mm, ecoplex 3mm

The two curved walls were positioned to extend the corridor of the exhibition space leaving some extra time for wonder. They were presented together with the projection of the work ‘Situations in Le Corbusier’s Apartment’ and served as setting for the projections; both functionally (dimming the light) and visually (insinuating an actual situation.) The situations between people and architecture occurring in Le Corbusier's apartment were an inspiration for this structure. The apartment, so carefully made by Le Corbusier to 'function', nowadays is open to visitors, leaving the spaces, walls, people and furniture structures for observation. In a way a situation not so far from the exhibition space.

‘Wooden construction’ outside view

'Wooden construction' view inwards

'Wooden construction' inside detail

'Wooden construction' and 'Situations in Le Corbusier's Apartment'