Het Huis van de Kunstenaar / The House of the Artist
(2011) Fine Art Bachelor Thesis, Gerrit Rietveld Academie
nominated for the Bachelor Scriptie Prijs of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Je suis l'espace ou je suis'
(I am the place where I am)

A quod from Noel Arnaud introduces this thesis (originally in Dutch) which is written throughout the interest on the house and domestic environment, and the influence it has on its dweller. As Alain de Botton describes it, our domestic architecture enables us to recall ones true self. [1] It seems obvious that our living environment influences us and the work we do, the ideas we have; especially as artists and architects.
My own house in the North of Amsterdam was previously owned by the Dutch sculptor Andre Volten, who rebuilt the interior with grate care and placed his scale models and furniture in a composed manner. Living within his house between his stuff for a substantial amount of time made it happen that his formal language and mixture of functional and nonfunctional objects started to enter my own artistic practice.
Next to this personal investigation, a close look is made into two houses that seem to be created with opposite artistic and architectural intentions. The first house was inhabited by the architect and 'rational' Modernist Le Corbusier, the other house by the Dada, and later Surrealist poet Tristan Tzara. Both houses were realized around the same time (1926 / 1931-1934), both in the city of Paris, and designed throughout Corbusier's and Tzara's own architectural theories. As an architect himself Le Corbusier designed his own house, Tzara worked together with Adolf Loos (an architect that nowadays is more often being compared and contradicted with Le Corbusier). [2] As these houses were in the first place results of their ideals about the home one can ask in what way they, and their later architectural theories, were products of their own house. Through visits to these houses, photographs and writings their architectural theories are extended, compared and put into question.

[1] Allain de Botton. Architectuur van het Geluk, vert. Jelle Noorman, (Amsterdam, Uitgeverij Atlas, 2006)
[2] Think of Raumplan Versus Plan Libre, a book by Stanislaus Moos edited by Max Risselada, and the exhibitions that accompanied or followed the book

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