The Imploded City
(2016) Text submission, Two Times One Magazine, published by Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht
Web publication and printed publication

'The Imploded City' is a text written throughout the experience of Arcosanti, a small city (if one can call it like that) in the middle of Arizona's desert land, visited in 2013 on a road trip through USA. The Italian architect Paolo Soleri, who initiated this 'urban laboratory' in the 1970's, wrote extensively about the density of cities and the need of an ‘urban implosion’. His theories and ecological ideals to implode our cities nowadays, are put into perspective using Arcosanti as a 1:1 urban and architectural model. While wondering around Soleri's dense, diverse and complex architecture the question is posed what cultural ideal there could be found to implode our cities, other than the necessary environmental ideal.

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Intersection of 'roads' in Arcosanti, USA, Summer 2013